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Tonchi Glamuzina

Tonchi Glamuzina


Company:Fletcher Construction, Auckland

Project:Spring Hill, Unit 16b Reinstatement Project, Waikato

Role:Project Manager

Client:Department of Corrections

Project Value:$9 million

Following an incident at Spring Hill Facility Fletchers were contracted to to complete the rebuild of  Unit 16B. The project consisted of the complete reinstatement of existing buildings with all finishes, fixed fittings, and building and security services all within a very tight time frame.  Fletchers worked with the Department of Corrections and their design consultants to design, test and install the various security enhancements.

Tonchi was the right person for this role as a young energetic Project Manager with prior high level experience in construction of correctional facilities. Appointed to this position he drove his team and subcontractors to meet strict deadlines in very trying conditions.   Asking, begging coaxing and pleading all became a daily routine with suppliers both internationally and locally in order to give Spring Hill priority of delivery

On a fast track 7 day a week 4 month timeframe project in a locked environment within a fully operational facility the level of collaboration was significant.  Security– every tool bought on site to be registered in and out, 1 cell phone and 2 x I-pads for communication.

Tonchi’s role was pivotal in this work on site – time commitment and thorough planning meant a no surprise approach with clients, consultants and sub contractors all working together was imperative- he was very adept at managing the on and off-site teams at times 225 people on this confined site with multiple work faces.  He worked closely at all times with Prison Management ensuring they were fully updated with daily procedures. His people skills were used to draw out that extra needed effort from those on site through example management.

Major challenges were the tight time frame, working in an operational prison a small and enclosed site with multiple work faces, multiple lines of communication to monitor at all times and a number of specialist lines required with long lead times from overseas.