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Jeff Vivian


Company:Arrow International Auckland

Project:Te Uru Taumatua, Taneatua, Bay of Plenty

Role:Project Manager

Client:Te Uru Taumatua Trust

Project Value:$14.875 million

Jeff delivered an extraordinary project with multiple unique challenges. The project was to be built to achieve the Living Building Challenge requirements, which drove all decisions. LBC = “Green Star on steroids” pass/fail. There are only 200 such projects in the world, only 1 in Australia and this is likely to be the first in New Zealand, a totally “out of the box” unique project.

The client, Tuhoe, had a vision for a centre –to celebrate the rebirth of their community. LBC was the architect’s idea, Tuhoe not interested in the certification, but the philosophy resonated in the self sufficiency aspects that they were trying to achieve for the project for their people, and as an exemplar for technologies that could be applied wider to their communities.

The building normally caters for 400–500 people, but caters for 20,000 people once a year. FSC timber (wind felled trees accepted), horse ride into the bush, helped certify the mills in the bush. Arrow had to research and source 760 materials, changed suppliers methods (concrete block). Net zero energy, waste, water neutral solution, novel timber cored pole structure, stressed together. Jeff  had to have a flexible attitude to the programme (relatively unskilled contractors and unique construction aspects) with daily morning chocolate biscuits meetings which resolved daily production work rates achievable then built programme around that. He upskilled the labour to commercial levels of safety, DoL to site, site safe training and put people into employment and training, transforming lives. It was a big risk for Arrow, Jeff managed to convince his superiors and mitigate the risks for Arrow.

Jeff was effectively the Design Manager, Build Only –ideally would have been Design Build, if done again. It was an 18 months duration with 7 month ECI/planning, 13 month build overlapping. Jeff led and developed a young team on the project. Health and Safety on the project had an excellent record, especially considering unskilled labour components. Jeff’s passion, commitment, teamwork and leadership were clearly exemplary and undoubtedly key factors for the success of the project.

His approach exemplifies the very best in collaborative delivery, really focussed on “best for project” and driven by strong, passionate leadership.