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Bryce Marx


Company:Fletcher Construction, Auckland

Project:ANZ Centre, Albert Street, Auckland

Role:Project Manager

Client:Precinct Properties

Project Value:$91 million

Bryce‘s role as project manager was to coordinate the construction team across a multi-faceted project which included pavilion construction, landscaping, tower lobby refurbishment, and tower refurbishment. This comprised of replacement of lift services, control plant and simultaneously on-floor refurbishment of 23 levels of the tower with 50% existing tenant’s in situ on a site that ran 24/7 for majority of project. At the same time he coordinated the clients consulting teams ensuring total collaboration between all teams. His role included planning and programming, building services coordination, health and safety leadership, safety of existing tenants, public and construction team, and responsibility and management of the construction teams well-being.

Bryce was chosen for this project because of his ability to bring together and motivate construction teams while coordinating and managing at the highest level with clients and other stakeholders. He brought immense passion and drive to the project with his unwavering attitude towards solving project challenges. The programme had multiple critical paths and required 36 milestones. Bryce provided innovative solutions around logistics and building activities – tower crane replacements; lift shaft platforms public protection structures and placement, main service riser construction.

Throughout the project Bryce maintained the highest level of professionalism and a proactive approach to ensure that the many project contractual hand-overs were achieved with a significant number of variations to programme. Services had to be completed in time to allow floors to be serviced functionally and he had to ensure that lift demand/service was provided to tenants without interference from lift refurbishments, together with the constant changing sequence and date requirements for floor refurbishment and then the inclusion of an additional three floors during the project duration plus the progressive opening of the highly trafficked ground floor lobby areas.

Bryce worked closely with the design team to ensure quality, build ability and programme expectations were met. He maintained the highest standards in site safety minimising disruption to existing building occupants and the general public. His ability to easily shift focus between the immediate and long term needs of the project, clear and direct communications, high standard and strong leadership greatly contributed to the overall success of this project.